What is RFID technology and how it works?

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rfid technology

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification refers to a technology whereby digital data is encoded in RFID tag and are captured by RFID reader. This technology is quite similar to bar coding. We are able to witness new advancements in the technological world every single day. More and more new as well as innovative inventions keep hitting the market. Even the ones that people thought were impossible to create. RFID technology is a ground-breaking invention that changed the pace of many industries including the parking industry.

The RFID technology has completely revolutionized the parking industry. Currently, car parking management mainly consists of a number of tasks from issuing tokens, noting down entry/exit time, collecting the fair, etc. As the number of cars is increasing every single day, manual parking systems are proving to be quite ineffective and problematic. The RFID technology has successfully created a completely automatic parking system that requires very low manpower for operation.

How the RFID technology works in the parking industry?
The RFID is the wireless transfer of data by making use of radio frequency waves. Tagging any item with the RFID tag helps the users to identify them uniquely, automatically and quickly.

At simple level, RFID system in parking industry consists of 4 components:
1. RFID reader
2. RFID tag
3. Control Panel
4. Boom Barrier

The RFID reader emits some radio frequency waves which are detected by the RFID tag and in return it transmits some data to the reader. Reader than transfers the said data to the control panel and the data is analyzed by it. If the data is accurate, control panel sends signals to the boom barrier to open. RFID tags consist of integrated circuit and antenna which transmits the data to the RFID Reader. The reader then uses this data and converts it into a usable form. In conclusion, such a simple technology has changed the pace of parking industry completely and has made life a lot simpler.

rfid, technology, radio frequency
Working of RFID based Parkwheels Automated Gate solution!

Other applications of RFID technology:
Other than the parking industry, a lot of other successful applications of the RFID technology are in place. Some of the applications are:
1. Supply Chain Management
2. IT asset tracking
3. Laundry and textile tracking
4. Race timing
5. Event and attendee tracking
6. Access Control
7. Pharmaceutical Tracking
8. Automated attendance

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