The grave problem of Parking in Delhi

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Strolling down the streets of Delhi, you can easily see parked cars covering major areas of the roads. It’s such a common sight that if one day magically these cars disappeared then we would realize how much space our capital actually has. With a population of over 1 crore vehicles, Delhi is completely jam packed. The vehicle population keeps on increasing every single day at such high numbers and the space remains limited. Around 7.5 lakh new vehicles are registered daily in Delhi. The number is quite staggering. 

People have not comprehended the grave intensity of this problem and it is escalating with every passing day. Brawls over parking have become so common that over 250 calls are made to Delhi Police everyday regarding this matter. This issue came to light when recently a parking tiff between lawyers and police at Tis Hazari court escalated to two lawyers getting injured and vehicles being lit on fire. Over the past one year, at least one person has been killed in these parking feuds. The lack of availability of parking in residential areas as well as markets is the main reason behind these fights.

People are buying more and more cars without even bothering about where to park them.  Offering more street parking can never be deemed as a solution as the more space you offer, the sooner it gets occupied. The number of vehicles per 1000 population has increased from 317 to 598 in the past decade. Because of limited space in their homes people generally park outside their houses which leads to congestion on the streets. There is a continuous jostling for parking space among Delhites because of its limited presence.

For Delhites, spending 15-20 minutes in parking search is a common routine and if they do find a parking fast, they consider it their lucky day. It is strongly recommended to leave your personal vehicle at home when travelling to crowded places like Chandani Chowk, Sadar Bazar, Karol Bagh, etc. Apparently these places are so packed that there is not enough space for humans let alone vehicles. Finding parking in Connaught Place, Kamala Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, etc. on weekends is like finding lost treasure.

There are common sights of cars parked on footpaths, pavements and even on the roads. This is mainly because there are no proper parking management measures in place. Even Supreme Court has identified this mega crisis by quoting parking as the most serious problem in Delhi and have directed the government to ensure the proper assessment of parking needs for the next 25 years. Strict and immediate measures should be brought into effect in order to solve this alarming issue. Bringing measures in place will only prove to be effective if the increase in car population is also controlled. A lot of thought and effort is required to sort out these problems and make Delhi a better place to live.


  • According to Delhi’s Economy Survey 2018-19, the number of vehicles in Delhi as of March 2018 were 1.09 crore.
  • From 2005-06 to 2017-18, the number of vehicles per 1000 population increased from 317 to 598.
  • Around 7.5 lakh new vehicles are registered every day in Delhi.
  • 250 calls are made everyday to Delhi Police regarding brawls over parking.
  • Average 15-20 minutes are spent every time for parking search in Delhi

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