Parkwheels Automated gate and security solution: A smooth and secure gateway!

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The societies, gated communities, apartments, etc. are dependent upon guards that are deployed at the entry/exit gates for several tasks. These guards are responsible for the security of the premises and monitoring each and every movement in and out of the premise. They are also loaded with the responsibility of making entries of visitors and vehicles entering the residential area. To ensure the smooth operation and maximum security a huge amount of guards are deployed at the society gates. But is your apartment as secure as you may think? Well if this question bothers you somehow just read on.

The Parkwheels automated gate and security solution is a comprehensive system that not only adds an additional layer of security to the building but also makes things smoother and faster. Our automated gate and security solution comprises of three things:

  1. RFID reader and boom barrier system at entry/exit gate
  2. RFID tag and mobile app for residents
  3. Visitor Management System

The RFID reader and boom barrier are placed at the entry/exit gate of the building. A dedicated and unique RFID tag is placed on each and every resident car. When resident car comes near the entry gate, the RFID reader detects the tag, the boom barrier opens and once the car crosses the barrier closes itself. This facilitates seamless entry/exit of residents in and out of the building round the clock without dependence upon anyone. The residents are also required to download the Parkwheels Mobile App with which they receive real time notifications whenever their car enters or leaves the building. The app also has an amazing Locking feature. By turning this feature on, your car won’t be able to exit the building and if someone tries to steal your car from the building, alert will be sent to you through the app. We mean it when we say its security on another level!

A visitor management system is also put in place with our automated gate and security solution which helps to monitor as well as record every person that visits the building. The residents can enter the visitor details like the name of person, contact number and vehicle number in the app and this data is sent to the guard through a mobile device. On the arrival of the visitor, the guard verifies and offers him entry. If an unannounced visitor comes, a notification is sent to the resident through his mobile device and once the resident accepts, entry is allowed. Also if the resident doesn’t respond to the notification, an IVR call is made to them to verify the visitor entry.

This comprehensive solution can help turn your society into an even better place. With the added security and smooth functioning, our automated gate and security solution turns normal buildings into smarter ones. So what are you waiting for? Deploy this innovative solution at your apartment and sleep better at night!

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