Parking: The next BIG Problem

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Gone are the days when you could park your vehicle at any open place, gone are the days when you could leave your car without worrying about its security, and gone are the days when you could afford to waste your 15 mins to find a parking spot.

Parking, today, is the major problem faced, daily especially in metropolitan cities. With the growing number of vehicles each year and the parking spaces being limited, the headache of finding a secure parking spot is bound to be more severe. Economic Times recently published an article that shows that vehicles in Delhi(where working professionals are majorly dependent on Metro) are increasing by around 6% year on year. This percentage may seem small, but its impact is enormous. The situation is much worse in other metro cities such as Bengaluru, where there are around 11.5k vehicles per square km area while the number is 6.7k in Delhi. A working professional in Bengaluru wastes approximately 20 mins daily to find a parking spot and drops 60% of the plans due to the unavailability of parking spaces. If you are a working professional in a Tier 1 city reading this article, I am sure you’d relate to one of the following scenarios:

  • There are around 1000 employees in your workplace building but only a couple of hundred parking spots, most of which are reserved for senior management.
  • You struggle daily to find a parking spot from where your car won’t get towed away.
  • You reach the office a couple of hours early just for the sake of finding a parking spot.
  • You have stopped using your car to commute to your workplace.

If anyone of the above scenarios sounds familiar to you or someone you know, I think you’d also agree that this is just starting. This problem is increasing day by day. As a matter of fact, In Gurugram, more than half of the traffic violations last January were accounted for illegal parking with over a crore collected as penalties.

Now that we have addressed the issue let us discuss what are the possible solutions. Broadly, there are a few direct solutions such as:

  • An increase in the number of public transports and hence increased use of public transport vehicles will result in a reduction of private cars. This would help in fighting traffic jams as well as would assist in reducing the competition for parking spaces.
  • An increase in the number of parking spaces would help to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles.
  • The government has acknowledged parking as a problem and is taking the necessary steps to address it.
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Apart from the above, Parkwheels has come up with a unique solution that is feasible, affordable, and free of any compromises. Parkweels finds cheap, discoverable, vacant, and secure parking spaces in your vicinity and connects it with you with the help of their mobile application. You can locate and book your parking spot near you by paying a small fee. Their hourly, weekly, and monthly parking plans give the user the liberty to choose according to needs. This solution is already gaining much popularity in the NCR region with over 300000 registered users till now. In the coming days, Bengaluru and Mumbai are expected to be blessed with the solution.

Who wouldn’t want their parking experience to be hassle-free? The Parking revolution has begun!

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