JAM PACKED DELHI ROADS: Vehicle on road is increasing and so is pollution!

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traffic jam

The biggest reason for traffic jam on Indian roads like Delhi is that the number of registered vehicles is increasing. Metropolitan cities like New Delhi have seen over 1 crore vehicles on road with more than 70 lakh two wheelers. Cars and jeeps numbered 32,46,637, while auto rickshaws numbered 1,13,074. There were in total 70,78,428 two wheelers, including motorcycles and scooters, showing a growth rate of 7.12 per cent.

According to the Economic survey report, the highest growth was observed in ‘other passenger vehicles’ which was 27.56 per cent and negative growth of 0.21 percent was observed in taxis during the period. The report stated there is a contradiction among the actual number of vehicles moving on roads and of presence of vehicles registered in national capital region(NCR) areas.

The transport department is making efforts to estimate the actual number of vehicles in Delhi by taking into account those vehicles that have outlived their life. The report shows that there is an increase in the number of vehicles used by households like two wheelers, cars, vans for transportation in the last decade. On the other hand, the percentage of households using bicycles as a mode of transport has declined.

The Increased number of vehicles is leading to growing concerns for rising pollution levels and poor traffic conditions in the city. In its recent audit study, EPCA (Environmental Pollution – Prevention and Control) had found that more than lakh vehicles moving on Delhi roads are moving without the mandatory ‘pollution under control’ certificates.

So the increased number of vehicles are resulting in jam packed roads leading to high pollution in the city.

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