Ineffective traditional parking systems and their modern solution!

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manual vs automated parking system

Everything in today’s world is automatic from a small coffee machine to a large tractor. The modern machines have simplified our lives to such a large extent that we can’t imagine functioning without these. And since the simplification of work wasn’t enough, more and more efforts are being made towards complete automation of machines to bless us at a whole another level. A similar revolution was brought to the parking industry with the Parkwheels automated parking system. This system has proven to be a hundred times efficient than the traditional parking systems in place.

The traditional parking systems that are in existence suffer from major drawbacks. In the past their functioning may have been adequate but the modern buildings face separate issues which require modern solutions. Some of the major issues faced by traditional parking systems are:

  1. Dependence on guards:
    The traditional parking systems work with total dependence on guards as they are fully manual and require someone to open/close boom barriers at all times. The guards are also responsible for manually making entries.
  2. Hindrance to security:
    There is a lack of security as the vehicle details are not recorded properly. As the entries are made by guards, chances of mistake in them are there.
  3. No record of vehicle movement:
    There is no proper record of vehicles moving in/out of the premise which poses yet another threat to the security of the premise.
  4. Ineffective management of visitors:
    Many times visitors are allowed entry into a premise by the guards without confirming with the person they are visiting which can lead to wrong people getting access to the premise.
  5. Long waiting time:
    At times when a number of cars approach the parking entry at the same time, people have to wait for long time to park their vehicle due to the manual system.

Security being one of the major concerns in today’s society, where crime rates are on peak, Parkwheels automatic parking system acts as an extra layer of safety in every premise where it is deployed. This car parking solution in India tries to overcome all the issues faced by traditional parking systems and helps in making every building’s parking smooth and secure. The benefits of deploying Parkwheels car parking system are:

  1. Smooth and quick entry/exit:
    This system works on RFID technology wherein a RFID tag is placed on the car and an RFID reader is deployed at the parking entry. As the reader scans the tag, the boom barrier opens which leads to quick entry/exit in the parking.
  2. Complete record of vehicle movement:
    The Parkwheels RFID technology based automated parking solution records every vehicle that goes in and out of the building.
  3. Real time parking availability information for employees of a company:
    The employees of any company where the Parkwheels car parking system is in place can check real time availability of parking in the premise and also in the nearby parking places.
  4. Low manpower requirement:
    Due to the automatic boom barrier and RFID technology very low manpower is required to facilitate the functioning of the parking system.
  5. Pay without cash at parking:
    The Parkwheels automated parking system lets you pay for parking without cash directly through your mobile. All you have to do is put up the Parkwheels RFID tag on your car, link it with our mobile app and move close to the boom barrier. The RFID tag reader reads the tag and parking amount gets deducted directly through the app.

The Parkwheels automated parking system is specifically designed and customized to fulfill the needs of every single client. This system is a revolutionary one which turns any parking place into a parking experience. So make your parking a secured and smooth one with Parkwheels because smart cities cannot be built without smart parking.

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