Delhi to tackle the parking woes with Automated Parking Towers

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automated parking towers delhi

A few months back, the Supreme Court pointed out parking as one of Delhi’s “Most serious problems”. It also directed the Delhi Government to properly assess the parking needs for the next 25 years, instructing them to build any structures in the city to tackle this alarming issue. New initiatives were brought into place just after this. On 2nd January 2020, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation inaugurated the very first fully automated car parking tower in the city. This tower is located in the Green Park area.

Automated Parking towers

Image source: Hindustan Times

This automated parking system is believed to be very effective as it needs about 1.50 square meter space to park a car instead of the 30 square meter space required in conventional parking. Urban housing and urban affairs minister Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurated the structure and he believed that this is the most feasible new-age system that can efficiently deal with the constantly increasing demand for car parking in Delhi.

A rather small space of 236 sq. mtr. was used to build this structure that is able to hold 136 cars in its four towers at a time. Two of these towers are active right now. A number of similar towers are planned to be erected in other areas of the city as well. These structures would be able to counter the problem of street parking as well. The operational as well as maintenance costs of these towers are lower than those of conventional parkings.

Benefits of these fully automated car parking towers:
1. Lesser space occupied
2. Lower operational and maintenance costs
3. Lesser pollution and fuel consumption
4. Reduced retrieval time

But just building these structures would not be sufficient to tackle this ever deepening problem of parking in Delhi. A lot more measures need to be taken to organize this chaotic scenario.

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